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The Best
I hope I'll visit Carpe Diem very soon :)
Service with the smile !

Each time I come to your coffee bar I get served with a great smile!

 Keep up the good work!

Regular for over two years!

I Don't even know where to start! Been a regular at Carpe Diem since it opened. Seen Luli turn this place around thanks to his drive and an attitude of a real restauranteur. Until now it stays my favourite coffee bar (and I have been to hundreds). It has a unique friendly atmosphere and will turn almost every customer into a regular thanks to Luli, Andrea and the rest of the team. The secret is in the actual approach, which is much more personal than anywhere else. This, combined with a lovely tasting coffee, creates a unique ambiance, which most of the coffee houses, even privately owned are missing. I wish there were more Carpe Diem-owned coffee houses in London: people deserve to experience it :) Well Done guys!!! P.S. Great website :)

Different style!

Much better then Costa,cheaper then Starbucks, tastier then Nero, Carpe Diem Coffee Bar is the place to be!


The coffee shop is really GrEaT to be in. Amazing coffee bar.

Perfect coffee

Cafe latte was just the way I like it.

5 Star Service

The staff are really really nice and know all of the regular's names .

Top 10

Carpe Diem Coffee Bar is top 10 London's coffee bar.


Thanks for looking after us,my grandad was very happy man!

Lunch Yesterday

Once again, thanks to you, Luli and the team for all your hard work..

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