Regular for over two years!

I Don't even know where to start! Been a regular at Carpe Diem since it opened. Seen Luli turn this place around thanks to his drive and an attitude of a real restauranteur. Until now it stays my favourite coffee bar (and I have been to hundreds). It has a unique friendly atmosphere and will turn almost every customer into a regular thanks to Luli, Andrea and the rest of the team. The secret is in the actual approach, which is much more personal than anywhere else. This, combined with a lovely tasting coffee, creates a unique ambiance, which most of the coffee houses, even privately owned are missing. I wish there were more Carpe Diem-owned coffee houses in London: people deserve to experience it :) Well Done guys!!! P.S. Great website :)

Carpe Diem
37 Vivian Avenue
Hendon central
London NW4 3UX
Tele:0208 203 9306

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